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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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Wet weather information:-

Training -  Usually the Manager or Coach will contact the players to advise if training is on or has been cancelled. All fields used by HILLVIEW for training come under the authority of the Sports Facilities Maintenance Coordinator of Ryde Council. Parents are able to ring the Ryde Council WetWeather line on 9952 - 8244 after 3pm to establish if the grounds are open or closed or check online at http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/sportsgroundstatus

If the grounds are closed then training is cancelled. Please DO NOT use the Wet Weather line to determine if Saturday or Sunday games are on or not. Please see the notes below.

Playing - As you will be aware – most of the grounds on which we play on Saturdays and Sundays (including Marsfield Park) are council grounds and therefore subject to closure due to wet weather.

Important Note 1 - In the event that Ryde Council closes the Ryde grounds, it does not necessarily mean that all the Eastwood District or  Sydney Junior Rugby grounds are closed. These grounds in other areas may not have been subjected to as much rain as our local grounds and as such could be still OK to play.

Important Note 2 - In the event that Ryde Council closes the Ryde grounds - this does not mean that the games scheduled to be played at Marsfield are automatically cancelled – we are able to negotiate with council on the use of the grounds. E.g. we are usually able to play minis games as they do not impact the playing surface, and we may be able to negotiate to play some older age group games on the ground (say 1 or 2 games).

Important Note 3 - All players will need to confirm with your Manager or Coach as to whether the games are still on. Do not assume that because the grounds are declared closed by the Council,  that our games are called off. We may not know whether we are playing until late afternoon on the Friday before game day.

Once again please DO NOT ring the Councils' Wet Weather Line to determine if Saturday's game are on or not - please contact the Manager or the Coach.


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